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Action in the 1.20m 360 equine precision joint solution plus league moved to Co Kerry for the Kingdom County fair on Sunday may 7th

In a unique turn of events a dead heat emerged for first place Limerick man David Moran aboard his own derg showtime, they crossed the line clear in a time of 38.55, Galway man Sven Hadley also broke the beam clear in a time of 38.55 with Vitoria z

Second place went stayed in co Kerry Michael daly with cheque it out, clear in a time of 43.79. Third place again stayed in Co Kerry Anthony O Regan this time with Holmoak Bolivia clear in a time of 44.01

Fourth place was claimed by Timmy Doyle with Kay Doyle's casino b clear in a time of 44.10, Donal Hayes claimed fifth place with Lismakeera quality clover clear in a time of 46.01

Final place in the line up was Anthony o regan again this time with Holmoak Koln clear in a time of 46.64.

Action in the 1.20m 360 equine precision joking solution moves back to Co Waterford again this time to Aglish Charity Gymkhana on Sunday may 21st

Full result

1st David Moran 0/0 38.55 derg showtime
1st Sven Hadley 0/0 38.55 Victoria Z
2nd Michael Daly 0/0 43.79 Cheque it out
3rd Antony o Regan 0/0 44.07 holmoak Bolivia
4th Timmy Doyle 0/0 44.10 casino b
5th Donal Hayes lismakeera quality clover 0/0 46.01
6th Antony o Regan 0/0 46.64 holmoak koln

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